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Welcome to my online dog training class. Where I'm going to show you the methods I use to have such a great off leash relationship with your dogs. This is more than just a basic obedience class, here you will learn so much more while having a ton of fun with your dog! When designing my online course I really wanted to focus on how your dog feels when training with you. This is way I had to turn everything into a game for them and work almost all training off leash. In my course you will learn that above all your relationship needs to come first. You will also learn the value of letting your dog make his own choices, without you controlling them in every situation. But most of all you will see the difference in your relationship between you and your dog and how much happier and better behaved they are!



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Adam Dinga
Adam Dinga

Positive Dog Trainer/Behavior consultant CAAB

I have worked with animals my whole life, everything from tigers, cougars, skunks, ferrets, raccoons, hawks, owls, falcons, pigeons, parrots and almost any farm animal. But especially with dogs of all kinds, I don't think I had a day in my life that I didn't have one. Those who know me know how great my passion for dogs is, and know how passionate I am about positive and force free methods of dog training. I try to help as many people as I can train their dogs, but its only a fraction of all who can really benefit from the training. This past year was very hard on me emotionally, hearing story after story about dogs I knew loosing their lives. That's why I wanted to offer my services to everyone, anywhere and at any time on-line. This way you can train on your schedule and at your pace. I just wanted to give everyone who have hectic lives, their dogs a chance to have that dream relationship with their owners. My goals are to have less dogs pulling or barking on leash, to have great recalls, and to build that relationship between dogs and their owners by showing them you can have fun while you train. All while seeing and getting those real life results you are looking for.


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